No more Graphicsmagick

This project started off with Graphicsmagick in mind to easily apply filters and other effects. Slowly some core features have moved away from using it and I plan to convert more features to native methods soon. The main reason being the graphicsmagick library involves converting from QImage to a MagickImage and back to a QImage. The conversion has become a major bottleneck for most features and poor performance is very noticeable with higher quality images.

See some example cases below:

Applying Grayscale to this size image – 5184 x 3456 

GraphicsMagick = 6120ms

Native Code = 54ms

Applying Colorize to this size image – 5184 x 3456 

GraphicsMagick = 6912ms

Native Code = 175ms

I will be on the look out for a new library to use. In the meantime Graphicsmagick will be in use but used as little as possible. The best solution going forward will be to use a library which works directly on QImages without involving any image data conversions. Another possibility will be to create my own native filter functions. Expect to see this new work as part of the next Studio release.