Ninja Toolpalette

So since ive upgraded my OS to Ubuntu 12.04 I haven’t been actively working on the
project. However recently I came back to it and found that since the upgrade my
toolpalette has become a Ninja. You can’t see it but it does exist.

I don’t know is this a bug in GTK3 or what but I concluded it could be the way the
toolpalette was developed. If im to be honest the code was quite hack-like but back
then it was necessary.

Now the toolpalette is finally supported in Glade, so once I figured out some things
the toolpalette was created in the .glade file. The code used previously has been
removed and this will now be used by default.


As a result of all this we have the following advantages:

  • About 200 lines of code have been removed.
  • PhotoFiltre LX starts up faster.
  • The toolpalette has proper Gnome style tooltips. (inherits from your theme)
  • I have more control over the toolpalette appearance.