New Partnership #2!

We have another new partnership to announce. This one is even more exciting. has been busy working on some of the latest and greatest AI powered technology in the area of image processing. I really recommend checking them out. You will notice our new Add-ons page has been added for easy access. In the future I will also have easy access to all the features from within Photoflare. Register on the website using one of our links and you will get 5 free credits instead of 1 credit.

I tried an example myself with zero expectations but I was genuinely impressed. I picked an image that had streaks going across the white shaded section to give it a challenge but the actual result is what I would have hoped it to be.

Viewing or downloading the preview result is completely free.

The next blog post will talk about the upcoming feature for this in the next Photoflare release. Also I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year!