New installers

Just a really quick blog post to let people know that new installers have been built for Ubuntu 12.10(and Ubuntu based systems). The first 32bit installer available was not built
from source correctly but the new installer works fine. You can even install over the old 12.10 32bit installer and just click upgrade to replace it. Also available is the 64bit
installer too! Check the updated downloads page to get it!

Now that installers cover the most recent Ubuntu versions I will turn my attention back on the next upcoming release. More news to follow as progress ramps up! Currently I am
working on the resize dialog and progress is slow but is still constantly moving forward.

Lastly I hope to update the blog more often, even if its not PhotoFiltre LX news. The project could benefit from help for this next release, get in touch if you feel you could
contribute something. As stated previously the developers involved in the past are back to education for this year, I am back to working on this project alone which is difficult
to say the least.