My LGM experience

I’m back from Saarbrucken where the annual Libre Graphics Meeting was held for 2019. I did miss the first two days of it on purpose as I have never been to such a long conference before. (its five days total)

Overall my experience was very positive. I got to see some great talks from very dedicated Open Source developers and I got to let people know about my own project and my goals for the future.

I would definitely consider going again next year. It has a very relaxed atmosphere. There was a crate of beer available if you were thirsty during the day, really nice pasta dishes for lunch and social events at the end of the day to have some fun!

I got to do some pair programming on Photoflare. Also met some really outstanding people from the bigger Open Source projects such as GIMP, Krita, Inkscape and Darktable. Its an event that allows you to learn, network and work together, just like a community should be.

I have much news to follow on from this event and its all very positive.