Moving to Qt LTS

Why move to Qt LTS?

Finally the bug that has troubled our 1.0 release has been discovered. Nothing was wrong with the codebase but in fact Ubuntu 16.04 has a buggy version of Qt included (Qt5.5). This was only discovered due to testing the project on Ubuntu 16.10 once it was available.

Ubuntu 16.04


Ubuntu 16.10 uses Qt 5.6 which after some research is defined as the LTS version of Qt. This should really be the version the project should use going forward but its a little awkward because Ubuntu 16.04 users will want to stick on Ubuntu 16.04. We discovered no painting or mouse movement lag on Ubuntu 16.10.

Ubuntu 16.10


Perhaps we need to bundle Qt 5.6 with the application in a special kind of deb installer or if I can figure out how to build Snap packages properly. Otherwise I will need to just focus getting PhotoFiltre LX working well on the 16.10 release instead.

What happens next?

PhotoFiltre LX Studio 1.1 is due at the end of October and will release either on Ubuntu 16.10 or supported on 16.04 as a Snap package. Considering the overall performance benefit and time I’ve had to make small improvements to existing features the 1.1 release will be the true 1.0 we all hoped for.