Minor update

So im over my previous sickness in that blog post is now gone.
Antibiotics and steroids seem to have done the business again. Im back working on PhotoFiltre LX,
although not much has been completed as of yet. I have started working on some little things that
need to be done outside of the main objectives. One thing being the preferences for startup.
Some may like to set a manual size and not run full screen applications all of the time like myself.
To cater for those people I have been working on an option for that.


The backend code is finished for reading the values on startup and writing them initially.
The code for reading and writing for the preferences dialog has yet to be completed but
the widgets are in place.


I hope this small update will keep people interested in using the upcoming release. I can’t
give a release date yet but I am predicting a release sometime around the summer months. Maybe at the end
of the summer would be most likely. In the meantime I will be searching for some proper development work
to kickoff my career.