Merry Christmas!

Well we made it to the great time of year, the time of year that always puts a smile on my face. Its time to forget my troubles and put it in the past. Time to focus on making 2015 great!

I want to thank everyone who has still remained loyal in supporting this project. Even moral support to me and the project helps so much. We will get there in the end my friends.

This blog post is a tad bit late I must say. I got mostly distracted by my general eat/drink and play games all attitude of Christmas but sometimes its nice to strip back everything from your mind and chill out in comfy not for the outside world pants. 🙂

I’ve also been quite busy with a new piece of hardware I have gotten from the states. Im typing on this right now and I must say its a joy to use. I treated myself to a System 76 Galego UltraPro. I will type up a full review soon once I have spent a bit more time with it.

Best Wishes,