Major updates all round

Im very busy transferring all/most blog posts from my current HTML pages to a WordPress installation. Although
I am nearly finished. I will have to spend some time to implement the look of the website and navigation on the
new blog. Plain HTML blogs were fine up until this point. I realise I need to spend more time coding on the actual
application codebase rather than doing blogs in HTML which takes up too much time.

Qt Preview

Here is another preview on how the Qt port of PhotoFiltre LX is progressing.

Also ported but not shown yet.

  • The newFile dialog
  • The openFile dialog
  • The about dialog

Already this has almost the same level of features as the release in GTK which took months of work. This has
been put together in only a few weeks. While on holidays in Slovenia I finished the look of the toolpalette and the
second toolbar. Lastly I added in a tab area for future use.