Mageia Support Incoming

As the title suggests we will be expanding platform support to include distributions other than just Ubuntu. Mageia was suggested via Twitter from a Mageia contributor and his wish has been taken onboard. Also I would like to support Arch if possible especially Manjaro which I think is a really awesome distribution of Arch for a fast, stable beautiful system with the latest and greatest software.

Other Platform Updates


Progress is stalled quite a bit. Installing the required libs is proving to be difficult and I don’t know anything about Mac’s to be honest. (I dislike Apple, just so you know and never bought any of their products until now) Apparently I need to install Homebrew after installing Xcode by using this command:

ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

However, this command completely fails on my Yosemite Macbook. Not sure how to progress from here.


I uploaded a new updated package with the libs built in release mode. Meaning for you the user will have a 10Mb download instead of 25Mb. I also added in the missing icons for New, Open, Save, Print, Undo, Redo. The first 3 icons don’t look great but soon I will look to getting an icon designer to overhaul our icon set and make it all consistent.

Progress In General

PhotoFiltre LX Studio 0.6 “Ink Blot” is already being heavily developed. The release got the codename “Ink Blot” since we intend to add Printing support, which I can tell you is already implemented and also the Windows build has been improved to majorly reduce the download overhead of libs not required. (as mentioned above) Scanning will be the next major feature to arrive and I hope to base it on the experience you get with Simple Scan if we can produce something similar.

That is all for now, hopefully my next post won’t have as much of a gap between posts. As much as I want to post more regularly I do have a full time job, exercise and social commitments to keep up with.