Love2d Adventure Part 1

Not the usual kinda blog post here. Someone very close to me is extremely ill, so much that her life is in danger.
I would not be telling the truth if I said I wasn’t in pain over this. I won’t be giving up my projects as I need something
to keep my mind off everything. However, I will be working on some new projects because working on one large project like
PhotoFiltre LX gets really boring.

I made a couple of games in a tool called GameEditor which sadly the development of this tool has run dry.
I plan to port my games over to a new game engine because it could be great for the future of those projects.
Also it will be a great learning experience. I have settled on the Love2d game engine.
It seems very powerful and (hopefully) easy enough to use.

For my first challenge I will try to port over my Triple Triad clone (a minigame from Final Fantasy) which had graphics, gameplay and sound completed through GameEditor. I don’t know any lua programming but lets see how I get on.

GameEditor Version


Love2d Version (so far)


The Code

Not sure if people care about this or not but here is the code I used to generate the above.

I used to have both the image lines and draw lines in the one draw() function. However, it is wise to just use .load() to prepare the images once.
Then draw the images when ready to use them, of course with repeated use if the image is used many times.
While it is simple to load some images with Love2d, I have the feeling that everything else will be more difficult.

The function at the bottom of my code is merely a mouse test. If the left mouse button is clicked change the background colour. I will need to use
mouse functionality in the game, so getting a handle on how it works is important. x)


More to follow this in part 2!