King of Unfinished Projects

I don’t know are other people like this but I have made many different things and all of them vary in
completion. Most are incomplete. I guess its because I have alot of creativity and once I get sick of
all the hard work involved in a project I move on to my next ‘great’ idea! 😀

As a result many projects are on hold or abandoned altogether! Just a quick warning, this blog post could be
quite long! 🙂

So today I will share a list of some of these with some pictures too! Here we go! 🙂


I started a game based off the idea of Urban Terror, one of my favourite games ever! This was supposed to be
a fun 2D game with some kind of storyline too!



  • Main menu with music
  • Gravity
  • Jumping
  • Basic Movement
  • Weapon sounds
  • Basic/good enough graphics
  • Health system
  • weapon system
    • This included knifes which can stab and be thrown
    • Also included Beretta to shoot and needs reloading once a clip is spent
  • Functional ladders
  • Camera system which adjusts if you are facing left or right
  • Half a level xD

Triple Triad

If any of you played Triple Triad in Final Fantasy 8 you will definitely remember this game! I loved this
minigame to bits and loved it so much I decided to make my own clone of it! 🙂



  • Basic gameplay
  • Original card graphics
  • Custom designed playmat and card placeholders
  • Original background music (shuffle n Boogie)
  • Animation for capturing an enemies card

It is buggy at times, so someday I will redo this from scratch and make it a complete game.

Avantis – Interactive Story

So this started out as an entry for a competition but it never got complete enough
for me to consider entering it. Its a story based on some open source principles.
I enjoyed making it at the time but I soon got tired of working on it.


Being an interactive story it is much more like a game rather than a fiction novel.
The only way to describe it is to compare it to those old text adventure games of long ago.

NoName Fusion

This is a system theme I created long ago back when themes were popular! xD



  • It worked beautifully back when I was using it
  • Looks awesome!
  • Got 1197 downloads, not too bad!

SideCandy Glossy-Black

This is a desklet theme I created back when I used SideCandy desklets.
(things you put on your desktop like in Windows Vista) See in the screenshot they are on the right of my desktop
and provide certain small functions.



  • 10th most downloaded item in the Gnomelook desklet catagory!
  • Matched with my NoName Fusion theme perfectly!

Well I guess thats the list, there are other projects I did complete to some
degree but for some reason or another they have been completely deleted.

  • Xmacro-GUI – Mouse/keyboard recorder and playback.
  • Jadmaker – Creates a .jad file for a .jar file. Required for
    most Java based games/applications for (non Android/iPhone) mobile phones.

Hopefully in the future I will finish some of these but we will see. As for
PhotoFiltre LX, don’t worry its a long term project and it won’t become yet
another unfinished project! 🙂