Karma will guide me

When something terrible happens in life like the horrible ordeal ive been through its easy to look down on everything. It is easy to think that the only right thing to do in the world is punish her with every bit of energy I have.

However, it wouldn’t be like me to do something like that. Why change who I am just to punish someone even if very much deserved. I know that would be time and energy wasted. I feel it wouldn’t even make me feel better about what happened and it wouldn’t make her life so enjoyable either.

If I know anything about the world it is that good things happen to good people. Karma will work everything out for me, I just have to sit back and relax. I have spent the last week or so in a fancy hotel for work trips and I feel myself returning to the happy, creative, fun individual that I was in the past. I am back working on all my projects and at least I know that time and effort put into my projects is always rewarding, I can’t say the same about relationships.