Happy new year!


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas I know I sure did have a nice break from work. My Christmas was pretty much what is on this mug but more like
“Eat, drink and be merry! play the crap out of BattleField 4 on my PS4!” Anyway lets all look forward to the new year!
I personally think its going to be a very exciting year for myself and this project.

Sometime during the year I will be making the transition from Alpha to the Beta phase of development. We just need to flesh out more areas of the application
before we can do that. Also I need to do more in depth testing to see if I can find anymore bugs to fix.

Already work has started on the next release. I implemented some small but useful manipulation features such as Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically, Rotate CCW
(counter clockwise), Rotate CW(clockwise) and Dust Reduction. Also im making a concious effort to develop code for menu entries that currently do nothing starting
with the file menu.

Im also making some upgrades to the website and how blogs are managed. Currently its a bit of a mess, the new system should be up either tonight or tomorrow evening.