GSOC 2012 Results

Unfortunately PhotoFiltre LX didn’t succeed in getting picked for Google Summer of Code 2012. I almost predicted the outcome of the
results, as its always the big organisations receive approval every year. Help for the small projects like this would be much
appreciated. I think we could get accepted for GSOC but only when we have a big functional, popular project. Then the project will
get some help when it doesn’t really need it. (not as much as it did before then)

In other news I have returned from a nice trip to Berlin recently. I went to a place called Wedding (pronouced with a V, obviously).
It was a great trip, if anything it got myself a temporary escape route from reality, which can be harsh on you at best.


So alot of people may be wondering what have I been doing on the project lately. Well to be honest im too busy with my college team
project to be thinking about working on any external projects. We have been building an Android app and its quite near completion.
The app is about Cape Clear which is an Irish island that holds many unique festivals such as story telling and music festivals too!


In other news I am due to start my work placement at April 2nd in M/A-COM. Im really looking forward to this as I will be doing some
full-time Java and Android development. I can really start to expand my skills and improve my development methods. Although I will
be very busy I might work on PhotoFiltre LX on the weekends. I also hope to employ a developer to do some development over the 6
months that I will be working. Hopefully people with an interest in the project can chip in here and there just so im not spending
all my own money! :]