Google Summer of Code 2012


Many of you have suggested for me to try entering the Google Summer of Code. While in the past I had an interest in doing this I had
always missed the organisation submission deadline. This time however I made sure I got the application in, so fingers crossed that
the application will be a success!

The way things go I should be notified if successful or not on the 16th of March. I will report back on the result or the very curious
can try to find the accepted list on the Google Summer of Code website.

Currently I am very busy with our team project at college, so I have not started re-writing the GUI loading that I talked about in the
previous blog post. However I may leave it to a student from GSOC if we get accepted. It would be a good thing for a student to learn
about and if not I will do it anyway. In the meantime I setup an area for GSOC students to look at some
ideas… it has only just been setup, so I will fill out some ideas properly
when I get a chance.

Thats all the news for now folks!