Funding Update

Hey everyone,

Lots of points to get through in this post but I will try to keep it brief. So whats new you might ask? Well..

I have a new more demanding job, a new wonderful girlfriend to spend time with and exercise/other hobbies to do. I don’t have the same time I used to for the project but I’m making sure this at least gets to its 1.0 release. Even if I end up with the bill at the end.  I created this project out of admiration of the original PhotoFiltre and still that is the case.  The only difference is coding on this went from being a little side hobby to a serious project with a very real end goal.

So I’ve decided this evening that the whole membership system needs to be dropped. Its far too much maintenance and overhead for myself to be running a membership system along with all the problems it may bring.  The membership system has been removed, so please ignore the instructions in your PhotoFiltre LX Studio e-mail you received after purchase. Anyone who purchased/donated will still get the studio 1.0 release when its ready.

I’m thinking about an alternative funding method for the project too. Do you want to deal with the hassle of serial numbers/registration?… bigger question, do I even want that myself?! Not likely. Donations was the way of before and while I got some nice donations it was very irregular. The project at the moment needs more regular income but I’d doubt the community would step up in such a manner at the moment. Especially since I don’t even have a fully developed software release yet.

For now I have reverted to project donations, please support us in developing an even better final release by heading to the studio page and donating! Much love and thanks to absolutely everybody who supports us!

PhotoFiltre LX Team