Free Pre-Orders! 4

Just a quick post to let everyone know that if you supported this project in the past you will be lucky enough to get a completely free copy of PhotoFiltre LX Studio upon its release. This is just to thank you for your support of the project in the early days, when its future may have been more unknown. Also I really did appreciate that money in my early student days when I was scraping enough money together to even cover my broadband bill. 😀

So if curious on where we are at with the project. You will notice the new banner above and some major website improvements have been completed over recent months. Next in line I will be hiring someone to complete a nice new icon set for the application. In about 7 – 8 weeks time heavy development will push forward using my QT prototype as a base. During the 7 – 8 weeks I may work some more on this prototype myself if I can find the time.

That is pretty much all I have to say for now. I will be blogging more often from now. Either about random stuff or project related news. I will just post anything on my mind and its your choice to read it or not. Its just nice to have a platform to get my thoughts out every now and again.