Finishing Main GUI

At the moment I am working on finishing the main GUI so I can finally move onto other things. It seems people
don’t have much interest in showing their support via the commercial campaign. So for now
I will be continuing slow steady progress.

What im working on for this next release:

  • Proper toolpalette tooltips, currently it shows the name of the icon as a tooltip.
  • Better toolpalette style (make it look more like the PhotoFiltre one).
  • Create the second toolbar and fill it with the correct items.
  • Put a colour selection button/box above the toolpalette.
  • Refine both toolbars and put in small things like separators.
  • Fix the GNU autotools build system to work with Gtkmm 3.0.
  • Clean up the source folder structure and improve its organisation.

Thats the plan for the release and im working on it already. I hope to release it soon! 🙂

In other news I am back working on Xwii, for those interested head to the website for a news post!