Fast as f#ck!

I only wish I had my eyes open for this photo but this is still special to me. Finally I’ve achieved my sub 20 minute 5k race with a time of 19.07. This happened during May but I’ve been busy since then. I’ve beaten the 20 minutes a few more times too. Just to be sure I didn’t get lucky on the day.

I’ve been thinking about this goal for years but it seemed impossible to me. I had no idea how any human could run so fast. Well I’ve proved to myself its possible and that I’m much more capable than I thought. Next year I’m thinking a sub 40 minute 10Km race should be my next goal and really I think that may even be much, much harder.

See this post for more of a backstory on my goal and running talk in general. I will be pushing my limits even further from now on with my new found confidence!

P.S. – The title of the post is a result of me joking around, saying I should now start my own running club and call it Fast as f#ck. 😀