Every minute counts

I have been using every minute of the day to do something lately. For the project that means im fitting in some development time before
work, during my lunchbreak and after work on the way home. From this I have learn’t that just because you don’t have much time to do
something doesn’t mean that fitting it into your lifestyle is not possible.

The work I have been doing is once again on the new file dialog. I have continued on from the work in my last post and im making every
item on it work. Some work is yet to be done, however I only have the unit conversion comboboxes to get working. Take a look
at it, looks pretty similar eh?! 🙂

Which one looks nicer? 😉


In other news I want to welcome officially two new members to the team. Catherine Fister has been creating some promotional art
for the project. She is working on some great wallpapers which will be released with PhotoFiltre LX in the future. Below are some
small images to give you an idea:

Artwork image 1 – Completed and is currently my desktop background!


Artwork image 2 – Work in progress but already looking spectacular!


Artwork image 3 – Stay tuned to find out!


3 of these wallpapers are planned to be available with a future release of PhotoFiltre LX. They will be available in multiple sizes
and you can also request your own custom sizes too! 🙂

The second member I want to give a warm welcome to is Don Murphy, who has been involved in creating advertisments and promoting visits
to the website. Here is an example of one of his adverts:

Great work on this advert!


Thats all the news for now, im tired after this crazy busy week so its time for me to relax. If you are reading this, have a good weekend! 🙂