Dropping PhotoFiltre LX

Right before everyone thinks the worst, let me explain.  Our plan going forward is just to drop the name PhotoFiltre LX.


PhotoFiltre LX no longer makes sense as a name. It was originally named as a project to recreate the PhotoFiltre experience on Linux. However, now PhotoFiltre LX is completely cross platform and really its near impossible to recreate an existing editor anyway.

Really bad comparisons

Many people say things like PhotoFiltre LX 1.0 does not work like the original PhotoFiltre X Studio on Windows (version 10). We want to stop such bad comparisons and create our own vision of the project. Remember PhotoFiltre LX is insprired by PhotoFiltre. It is not a clone.  There are plans in place to develop our own features that interest us and perhaps not features that PhotoFiltre users are looking for.

More Corporate support

PhotoFiltre LX is a pretty bad name to show corporate users. They want something slick and that sounds really good. Even a good name is a big part of a successful project in the industry.

So what is the plan?

We plan to migrate GitHub and update the website. Next step will be to update all media online if possible to the new project name. This will happen towards the next 1.4 release. Also the new 1.4 release will be:

  • Under the new project name.
  • Will be an Open Source release.
  • Include all current Studio features.

Afterwards our attention will be shifted to building version 2.0 which will include major new features.

The new name?

I do still like the way the P and F work together with the name, so I have decided PhotoFlare is a nice name for the project going forward.