Donating helps to fund development, speed up progress and keep the website running. If you want to support the project, simply click the button below or support us via our preferred method of receiving donations per month.

Donation Goals

To help understand how we put donation funds to use we have our donation goals listed below. Donations will be split evenly across all current goals:

Mac hardware (Once only) €500

Needed to build installers for Mac systems.

Webserver costs (constant) – €50/yr

Keep our webserver online/running for another year.

Domain cost (constant) – €30/yr

Keep our domain alive/running.

Recent Donations

Most recent donation – 13/10/2020

Thanks to everyone who supported the project recently:

  • Daniel Göllnitz
  • Jan Jaroš
  • Steven Weld
  • Geoff Rothwell
  • Blaize Christophe
  • Sven Reischauer
  • Ingo Thomas
  • Colin Mills
  • Sasha Kuznetsov
  • Sven Reischauer
  • Alvaro Lara Cano
  • Sven Reischauer