Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

So recently I got this game for free thanks to Playstation Plus and I was delighted. I’m a big fan of Deus Ex in general and my experience with the previous version (Human Revolution) seemed to be a gaming masterpiece in my opinion. It has been getting some rave reviews, so its time to see does it live up to my expectations.

Back story

For those not familiar with the series. You play the part of Adam Jensen, Chief of Security for the biotechnology company Sarif Industries. The place gets invaded/attacked and as a result Jensen gets some life threatening injuries for attempts to repel the attackers. Jensen gets taken into surgery and has many of  the most advanced augmentations that Sarif Industries could produce implanted as part of his body.

The end result is a guy who can kick some serious ass with augmentation technology not available to the general public. He is also lucky enough to have superb genetics which do not try much to reject the vast amount of augmentations in his body.

The game

The gameplay is much the same as the previous version. You sneak around and take out guards silently or go into a building and kill everything in your path before completing the objectives. The choice is yours. I must say I do prefer a hybrid of this. I prefer to sneak around and take out guards silently without being seen but if I get spotted I decide its time to bring out the guns. Although sometimes after getting spotted its better to just run and hide until the search for you is called off. Again, the choice on how to play is entirely yours.

The only difference with this and the last game is you have more augmentations and gun customization options.


  • Moving around gives you more options in this game and movement feels better.
  • You can easily hide/run from conflict and sneak again rather than gun fights turning into a battle you can’t win.
  • More secret areas to discover and interesting loot.


  • Some obvious bugs still exist:
    • Hacking attempts never count down. Eg it will say 3/3 attempts no matter how many attempts you had.
    • I didn’t have enough space in my inventory in the beginning and I crafted a MultiTool. Instead of alerting me to my space issues I simply didn’t get any item and still costed the amount of crafting parts required for the item.
  • It was not so user friendly in the beginning of the game. I felt a bit bewildered and lost starting the game. By comparison the previous game Human Revolution eased you into it.
  • The story choices in the game are too vague and often push the gamer to research it online before making the choice which breaks the immersion of the game.
  • Story choices are not very fair. Some choices give great rewards and the opposite choice could possibly give you nothing at all.


A great entry in the series. Just in my book not an outstanding one. Definitely seemed to be a game created on a tight budget in comparison to the previous game. Still an enjoyable experience, I just wouldn’t rate it as highly as popular websites would. I would rate Deus Ex: Human Revolution a solid 9.5 and this game a little lower.