Demo – What to expect?


So just a quick post on the upcoming demo and what to expect.

  • It will be light enough on features, as many features are not stable enough to be included yet.
  • Mostly to prove that “Yes, it does exist” and give an initial impression of what it will be like.
  • Pre-Order members (and people who donated previously) will be given exclusive access to upcoming Beta builds as we progress.
  • The Mac build/installer will depend on how getting my hands on a Mac turns out.  I don’t own one, so there could be a delay for Mac users.

In other news I plan to make the website responsive down as far as phones in the near future. (April/May) Also improvements to the pages and layout too.

Lastly in some more personal news, I got a new web development job and will be joining a very large company soon!  So things might slow down during April/May too, since I will have an abundance of new things to learn and get up to speed with.  This is a major step forward in my career and I have to admit im finding it hard to stop smiling about it every day! 🙂