Cutting Edge

For the first time in my life im running the latest, the future maybe the cutting edge of technology! In other words
im running Ubuntu but the Alpha of 12.04. I must say its been fairly stable for an Alpha 1 release and its the first
which installed on my system without a hitch.


Certain things are a bit strange or buggy but nothing to have a major complaint about. These are things ive found so far:

    • Time and date not there yet.


    • Theme issues with Nautilus


    • Arrows always on the Unity 2D menus


Other than those little issues its perfectly fine and seems much more responsive than 11.10 was. Of course im happy
that the Open Source nouveau driver has received more updates and most games get a respectable 20-40 FPS boost. Of
course games with less graphics requirements will get a larger boost in framerate.

In other news I did something which I resisted for so long! I have joined the birds and started tweeting! 🙂