Cursor fun!

So the cursor stuff has been mostly implemented. The only thing I need to change is to get the cursor to set
on the Notebook (holding our tabs) instead of this little window.


It took a while to learn how it all works but in the end I figured it out. Mostly yesterday was when things
slotted into place in my brain. I used some default cursors and used some custom ones for the rest of the
toolpalette. These custom icons for the cursor are really, REALLY awful! I have some skill with graphic design
but I lack knowledge on designing cursor graphics. Note that I only threw together these icons in about a
minute or two. Replacing these is easy, so I can just get someone to design nice looking ones in the future.


As you will notice the blur icon is definitely the worst. Its only a case of polishing these icons up at a
later stage though. So for now I will move onto the last items for this upcoming ALPHA release. The
last item is creating a new blank image (canvas). This will take the longest and will be hard I would imagine.
The only other thing to finish is the new file dialog, which needs some minor bugfixes. I am still aiming for
a mid September release at the moment but this could change depending on how long creating a new file takes.