Coffee session #1

I decided today to meet with another developer in a cafe to go through the project and how things work/don’t work. We had a really good discussion over certain issues and have come up with some solutions too.

We came up with some issues to tackle for the upcoming 1.5.1 release:
39 – Show restart button after changing language
40 – Make crop lines easier to see
41 – Update languages for next release
43 – Set default settings before app starts main

The plan is to meetup every month to go through issues and maybe do some pair programming. We found this idea of pair programming in a cafe is much more productive and makes working on the project more enjoyable in the long term. The only conclusion from our choice of venue is to maybe choose a cafe with bigger tables next time. 🙂

Also a big shout out to Geoff who kindly donated to the project. Every little helps!