Chrono almost ready

Time for a post full of random news topics. I have been busy with the website recently with the following:

  • Forum – cleaned up spammer accounts.
  • Main navbar changed from using images to CSS.
  • Fixed some broken links
  • Switched the fonts for the whole website.

However the main thing I worked on was a dynamic content loading system for the blog posts. It has been completed and I have been
busy testing it. I would really like to transition over to this for future blog posts but unfortunately this means porting over
my old posts, which is rather (very) time consuming.

Now to share some bad news. We lost Samuel Cowen who was a really great developer for the project because he has studies and
his own personal projects to attend to. I wish Sam all the best and im forever grateful for the work he did on both the
and releases of this project.

So, at this point you are probably wondering what is Chrono?! Well its the codename for our next Alpha release of PhotoFiltre LX
since it will have the ability to move back and forward between events of the past.
I have teamed up with a new developer Duzy for this release. It is very almost ready to be made available to the public.