Canonical at CES

As most of you know Canonical made a big showing at CES this year. Im really happy for them as its the one
company I want to take the challenge of bringing Linux to the mainstream. Canonical had a big stand at CES and
they attracted alot of attention. They had the usual freebies but ive heard they even ran out of all their free
Ubuntu CDs!


One of the biggest announcements they made at CES was Ubuntu TV. Its essentially an Ubuntu smart TV bringing a
customized version of Ubuntu and Unity to make your TV a pleasure to use. Im not gonna lie, the promo video
for this literally blew my mind!

Now that is something I really want on a TV. That is… when I can afford a decent TV! 🙂 I respect Canonical
for doing this as now the great success at CES gave them the status of a big player just like Google, Microsoft
,Apple etc. They are now seen as one of the top companies to compete with, especially Google and Apple as they
have an interest in the smart TV market.

Lets all hope Canonical succeed with Ubuntu TV, I have my doubts but we will have to wait and see how this all works out!