Bits and Pieces 2

Much like the title says this post will be bits and pieces about all sorts. To kick it off I want to give a shout out to Uncle Jaque  for his message of support to myself and support of the PhotoFiltre LX project. I really like to read those e-mails, it brightens up the day and keeps me motivated.  I also want to give thanks to Blaize Christophe who very kindly donated to the project recently.

In term of project news I have been steadily working on the prototype version of PhotoFiltre LX Studio. I created the Preferences dialog we had in the GTK version and worked on some of the basic functionality of the preferences backend code.



If you have seen the preview on the downloads page you will see a file opened. The is currently just testing what is called a QGraphicsView.

I thought perhaps this will suit all our features going forward as a canvas but after discussion with our commercial development company (yet to be revealed) we have decided it would be too heavy on resources. The QPainter API will be lighter and still provide everything we need going forward. Details for any coders out there, I know most people want something that “just works” of course. I will make sure of that, so no worries.