Beyond 1.0

So after the successful launch of PhotoFiltre LX Studio 1.0 its time for a recap on what is next in line. I’ll keep it simple and list in order of what im working on next. Note that everything will be a bit slower with the project at the moment since Dmitry (one of our past developers) has moved on. To be fair the project wouldn’t have the funds to hold on to him any longer either.

The below will be worked on only when time permits. Usually the weekend when I have a spare few hours to myself.

  1.  Building a Mac Installer – In progress
  2.  Linux performance regression
  3.  1.0.5 bug fix release. This will be available to all Studio members.
  4.  Building up regular funding and gather contributors so we can possibly do an Open Source release.
  5.  Work on version 1.1 for Studio members who paid for updates.

I will also work on updating the website if time permits. To add some documentation and/or tutorials.