Behind the scenes

So despite not all that many blog posts, its actually a good thing. We are quite busy working on the project and don’t have all that much free time. I’ve got my development completed for the 0.9 “Glistening Gift” release and Dmitry is now working on his feature list. Its going to be a big release. At least as big as the original release of 0.3 “Big Birth” in terms of overall changes. Despite not really coding much on the project I’ve been busy with the following:

Upgrades to 16.04

I’ve been moving both development machines to Ubuntu 16.04. This is the version of Ubuntu we hope to target for the 1.0 release of PhotoFiltre LX Studio/PhotoFiltre LX. I didn’t just upgrade, I decided to fresh install as with constant upgrades Ubuntu tends to fill up on libraries not used any longer. Also installing XFCE did mess around with my Ubuntu installs. Its nice to see so much initial free space after a new install. 🙂


Language support

I’ve been working on language support for PhotoFiltre LX. This will mean translating lots of strings but I’m more testing on how it will all work functionality wise. Lucky for me the Qt framework has a really nice translation system. Good progress has been made on this so far.

Plugin framework

The Qt framework also has a nice system to implement native application plugins. I need to explore this a bit more. It looks nice but I don’t feel like people will contribute plugins if they have to be written in C++. I was thinking about a lua to C++ type system would be nice. Write your plugins in lua and have PhotoFiltre LX convert that to C++. I need more time to see how possible is this from a technical standpoint.

That’s all for now. Hopefully its enough of an update to let everyone know what we are up to. Although you won’t find out what has been implemented until the 0.9 “Glistening Gift” release which is due towards the end of May 2016.