Back on track! 2

So I have been through much negativity in my life in recent months (more like this whole year) but I won’t let that bring me down or destroy my positive creative nature. Im happy to say that im very much back on track in terms of my focus on this project.

While im tempted to get involved or more involved with other projects of mine I should really just hone in on this one. Anyway I decided to work ahead on PhotoFiltre LX Studio myself, as it will be another few weeks before things really kick off commercial development wise.

I’ve been working on creating a new file to test the scrollview within the tabs lately. Even though the scrollbars are not like the GTK ones I do prefer the normal scrollbars. The super thin GTK ones look nicer but are more difficult to ‘grab’ or use.



Next I started work on the text dialog. You can switch fonts, change font size and style the font in bold, italic, strikeout or underline. I know that the middle portion of this dialog is missing but it will be there in due time.




font4 font5

I guess I didn’t have to show all the options in action but im pretty happy with how its turning out at the same time. It is a bit early to blog about this dialog and progress but I just wanted to let people know im¬†making good use of time before heavy development begins.

Looking forward to squeezing in some more development time during this weekend and many more weekends going forward!