Back from the land of tulips


Hey everyone,

Just back from a holiday to Amsterdam. A valentines break some call it. Now I’ve been to many places in Europe but Amsterdam is one of those places I should have visited a long time ago. Its a beautiful place full of things to see and do. People are really friendly and nearly all speak English. Pretty neat for people like myself who suck at learning foreign languages.

I got to see the Anne Frank house, see the Heineken brewery and take a canal cruise late at night. I enjoyed everything but I must admit it was freezing and I thought I would catch a cold at any given moment. Okay, Ireland is cold and some foreigners would say freezing at times. Amsterdam is far colder, trust me. While waiting to see the Anne Frank house I had 1hr 30mins of shivering and sneezing. I’ve never sneezed so much in my life or even in one day!

Despite all this it was a fantastic holiday and I got to share all those moments¬†with a wonderful woman. I’m back on the project once I settle into normal life again but I’ll be back to Amsterdam one day. Hopefully when its a bit warmer. =)