Average games, our destiny?!


As you can probably guess from the title of this post it has something to do with games being average and well Destiny is the game that has pushed me to write this. Now I am currently 25 years old, I have been a gamer for most of those years but more and more I find current gen games pushing me away entirely from gaming.

So Destiny was portrayed as this amazing co-operative online experience, where you and some friends can go kill tough enemies, get loot and level up your weapons/character. In actual fact it is more like wandering around on your own, while other people wander around on their own, doing repetitive missions based around a stupid ¬† vague story about “the darkness”. I mean some of the story dialog is so bad its funny. Something like “where the light stops shining is, the darkness”… I laughed out loud with that one. Like wow, really?!

Apart from all that the gameplay, music, graphics is all.. decent. There lies the problem. Pretty much everything about the game is well produced but the one thing it lacks severely is FUN! Where is it, what did they do with the fun factor, you know the main thing that makes a game enjoyable. To describe this game in one line, it is pretty much what you get if you take a great game like Borderlands. Now strip out the storyline, the funny characters, the varied missions, the fun and the wonderful amounts of loot chests. Then beef up the game with fancy graphics/presentation and this is what you get.

Many AAA titles now are guilty of just pushing so much money into marketing and hype to generate the sales they need to keep going. On top of that they provide many “special” editions which really don’t give you very much. The purpose of the special editions is to make you spend more money or feel guilty about buying the “standard” edition which is kinda like saying ‘Hey you just bought the crappy edition’ or the ‘not as good edition’. Destiny and Watchdogs are two games that in my mind are guilty of it. Both games are pretty average in terms of enjoyment at the end of the day and I sincerely hope that more new games that provide fun and entertainment come out for the PS4 or my money on the console is very much wasted.