April Build Released

Available right now from the downloads page if you have Pre-Ordered!

The PhotoFiltre LX Studio release is now ready for April. Following the release schedule in place the version numbers will follow the months of the year. Eg. 0.4 – April, 0.5 – May etc. This build includes the following features:

Undo/Redo support.

Now you can undo all those silly mistakes or redo the awesome work you were doing earlier, without actually having to redo it.

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Open images with PhotoFiltre LX Studio set as default editor.

Although its early yet you can now set PhotoFiltre LX Studio to be your editor of choice and it will open those files for you in an instant.


Advanced PaintBrush.

Advanced PaintBrush tool is here! Set your brush style, pressure, the step and even fade all from one handy config panel.



An example of the currently included brushes. Note I threw these together during lunch-break and I am in no way a brush designer kinda guy. Feel free to get in touch if you want to provide the community with better defaults. Also I plan in the future to have more features such as brush sets, so you won’t have any limitation on what brushes to use.


Recent files support.

Go back to any file you were working on recently. Neat!


Copy/Paste support.

You can copy and paste any image now in the current tab or to any tab you wish.

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Windows build.

Finally the project builds on Windows, although I feel maybe its not quite ready for the public just yet. You will notice its missing some icons (that GTK provides on Ubuntu). I need to go back to fill in the icon gaps and release an updated demo to the public in the future.



Better .deb package.

The .deb installer has gone through many revisions and as a result pulls in much less dependencies. Meaning PhotoFiltre LX Studio can now be installed on Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu. (including other Debian based distros too)

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Well that is all to report on this release, enjoy! Remember Pre-Ordering is still available via the studio page PhotoFiltre LX Studio will cost more after we fill up on Pre-Orders.