A successful 2018

Looking back 2018 has been a great year for this project. We finished 2017 by releasing v1.5 of Photoflare. Since then we have released updates throughout 2018 based on community feedback taking it from v1.5 to v1.5.6.1. Six releases in one year is pretty impressive.

I think by far the most amazing part of this year was me taking a step back from the project. When I least expected it I was contacted about the inclusion of PhotoFlare into the official Debian repositories. I requested this a long time ago but it was a very hopeful wish and I didn’t think it would come true.

Over the past few days we have a contribution of AppImage support which builds AppImages based on our existing Travis CI setup which arrived earlier this year. All thanks to community contributions. AppImage support means PhotoFlare will be able to run on most Linux distributions out of the box.

I’ve been contacted recently about doing an interview regarding the project which is really fantastic news. Apparently I’m quite an inspiring person with my dedication and work ethic on this project and it shows when people have followed the progress right from the very beginning.