2020 News roundup

Over 100 stars on GitHub

Its a milestone I’ve wanted to hit for a while. Finally we reached it. Being 3 digits means we are no longer relatively unknown to the developer community on Github. The more stars we get the chance of regular contributors will increase drastically. I plan to celebrate this 100 star milestone in some manner. Still undecided as to what that celebration will be. 🙂

Featured on OmgUbuntu!

Photoflare got a full write up on popular Ubuntu website – OmgUbuntu. I’ve been a long time fan of this website and read it regularly. I was happy that the article was both informative and open minded. Particularly I was impressed that the Documentation was mentioned. Very useful for any new users trying out Photoflare for the first time.

Now available on FlatHub

For the first time we have a Flatpak installer available on FlatHub. This will allow users to install a Flatpak version of Photoflare and it will also allow us to reach a wider audience. Linux distributions like Elementary OS will only allow GTK apps in the App Store. Users wouldn’t be able to install a Qt application unless your app has a Flatpak installer available.