2015 – Wow, just wow! 2

Just a short but sweet post to wish everyone who follows the project and supports us a very Merry Christmas! Best Wishes to our fans and to everyone who has had my back over the years. This year has been extra busy since I got to spend a Christmas with a girl who is very special to me, more than any other I’ve met before.

I can’t believe how wonderful this past year has been. Not just in terms of project progress which has been developing at an intense rate for any software project.

During this year the project got:

  • Funding to push my Qt ProtoType into reality.
  • Commercial Development in partnership with Qt Experts – ICS (Integrated Computer Solutions).
  • Commercial Developer – Dmitry V. to speed up development.
  • 4 Demo Versions Released to the public. (Soon to be 5 Versions)

Life in general this year has been amazing, I got a new job close to home, a new girlfriend who ignites my mood and pushes me to get back to being 100% full of positive energy all of the time. If you happen to be reading this,  I wish you all the best over the holidays and good luck in the new year!

0.7 “Mystic Wisp” Demo – Coming Soon!