1.0 Going Open Source

I’m proud to announce today that PhotoFiltre LX 1.0 will be going Open Source under the GPL!

You can find our new source control home here:


It will take a considerable amount of time to release the source code as I need to check the diffs and put in proper commit messages. I have 97 builds of the code to get through before the source will be up to date but I will try to release one build every day if I can.

The benefits of being Open Source will be to have contributors on board going forward. As I can’t put all my time and effort into a single project forever. Also we can get the application into the Linux official repositories which will make it easier for users to¬†install the application.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who paid for the Studio version, as without the additional funds we would not have gotten this far and perhaps not have even made it to 1.0.

What about Studio members?

Don’t worry if you already paid for updates to the Studio version. The Studio version already has some really great features lined up on the updated¬†roadmap.