1.0 Beta coming soon!

Its been a very busy couple of weeks. As everyone already knows the new main logo is here and the website has been getting some much needed attention. All coding on major new features has stopped as we are now in the QA/bug fixing stages. To help us along we could use some additional testers. I will be preparing a 1.0 Beta release to be made available on the 17th of July.

I have personally been using PhotoFiltre LX Studio every day to test the workflow daily. I then log bugs and go fix those bugs on our bug tracker. More people would mean more coverage and a better 1.0 stable release. I’ve already knocked out four bugs so far but I would imagine more exist.

Apart from testing/bug fixing my main focus is tweaking and re-exporting the main icon theme. I will also be looking at the building on Mac situation again. Keep in mind we could also do with more translators. The guide has been posted here but feel free to send me a mail if you want to step up to the challenge.