0.8 Studio Demo Released!

Well its that time of year again. About time to shove a new Studio Demo out into the wild. Yes these are incomplete, maybe a little buggy but its more to show how this project is making progress consistently and packing in some great changes. These demos just allow people to see where its going and you can trial some features before we reach 1.0.

Features in the demo version will be in the final Studio 1.0 version and the free version coming afterwards.  Studio users will be getting updates and extra new features throughout the following year to reward anyone who provided the financial support the project so badly needed. Enough small talk anyway, below are the highlights for this demo version.


Selection can be toggled with the Show/Hide option

You can select area either with the PointerTool or the MagicWand Tool and either selection can be shown or hidden via the Show/Hide Selection option.



Image Properties dialog

File >> Image Properties will now show a simple dialog with the current file information.



Canvas size can be increased with the new dialog

Using the new Canvas Size dialog you can resize the canvas without touching the image size. Additional options available such as Colour and Position.



Batch/Automate tool

The awesome new tool for Batch conversions or tweaks. Full with tabs such as:

  • Files >> Add Files and Output folder.
  • Image Size >> Image size and Canvas size.
  • Adjust Levels >> Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Gamma Correct.
  • Filters >> All filters available and multiple selection.
  • Transform >> Rotate and Flip images.
  • Summary >> Screen to show your pending changes before you accept.



TextTool Colour selection and Antialias option

You can now select a colour for your text and Antialias too.



CloneStamp Helper dialog on first use

Just a simple dialog to warn if you have not selected a region to clone. More small fixes to go in towards 1.0 to make the application more user friendly.



That’s all for now for this jam packed demo release. I hope that everyone who had a read enjoyed this release post and looks forwards to the future of PhotoFiltre LX. Remember Pre Ordering is still available via the studio page PhotoFiltre LX Studio will cost more after we fill up on Pre-Orders.

Happy Testing!