0.6 Studio Demo Released!

Finally the time has some to reveal the new demo build – PhotoFiltre LX Studio 0.6 “Ink Blot”. Available as a Demo to play with from the downloads page.

This build includes the following features/improvements:

Printing Functionality

You can now print to your hearts content. I can confirm this feature works on both Linux and Windows builds, as I spent much time fixing the DLL issues for Windows.



Scanning Functionality

You can now scan and select scanners through the new acquire source dialog. Much time has been spent on this already and really this is the one feature that delayed this release so much. As you can imagine the amount of work and testing afterwards was enormous! Even still this feature doesn’t seem to pickup all scanner models. More work will be going into scanning during the 0.7 “Mystic Wisp” release cycle.

Note: If your scanner doesn’t get picked up, don’t worry. More to be done on this feature to make it more robust!


Transparent Pixels

The transparent pixels in past versions would be completely invisible which of course is of no use to anyone. This has been fixed in the 0.6 release.


Ratio Lock

This feature was existing already in the 0.5 “Rainbow Road” release. However, it only had the ratio 1:1 which was incorrect. The ratio now calculates depending by how much you reduce or increase the width or height. So overall the ratio is now set in the right way.


Current Image Dimensions

If you open the Resize dialog the dimensions are now set to those of the actual image you have opened. Much better!


Keyboard Shortcuts

For all the common operations you can now access them via keyboard shortcuts.

Note: Some shortcuts will fail to work under Ubuntu currently, its a known bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/appmenu-qt5/+bug/1380702


In Other News

  • A new price list will be coming out soon. If you were thinking of Pre-Ordering I would suggest to hold out a little longer.  Existing Pre-Order members will have their plan adjusted accordingly.
  • Recently the website was down for quite some time. This was a web hosting issue, the project is definitely alive and kicking. 🙂
  • Due to extra busy weekends I have less time to spend on the project but I am always trying my best with what I have available.
  • The release schedule will be adjusted by pushing everything out an extra month since I am almost never hitting my monthly targets.