0.5 Studio Demo Released 2

After a long delay the 0.5 “Rainbow Road” release is finally ready! Extra time was required to implement one very large/complex but highly requested feature by the PhotoFiltre LX Community. As usual you can read through the visual release notes below. Happy reading! Also head to the downloads page to grab yourself a copy for testing!

Line Tool

The Line Tool is now available in the toolpalette. Features Width, Opacity, Anti-Alias, Arrows and Line style.


Spraycan Tool

The Spraycan Tool is another tool at your disposal. Features settings such as Radius, Pressure, Dispersion and beautiful Rainbows. This is where the “Rainbow Road” release name came from!


Multi Window Mode

You asked for it and we delivered! Now you can choose between Tab Mode or Multi Window Mode (MDI). Such a wonderful option to have for those who prefer the classic PhotoFiltre way of doing tasks!

Tabs have been improved to expand upon available space and shrink when new tabs get added.


Set Multiple Window Mode in the preferences.


Bask in the glory of Multi Window Mode, you can now compare photo edits side by side or look at open documents side by side.


Maximize a MDI window to focus on that file.



Windows Build

A proper release of the demo with an installer will be available for Windows in the future. For now a zipped folder has been released for testing purposes.

Next Release

Even though this build is just ready you can look ahead to the next upcoming release 0.6 Demo “Ink Blot” which I estimate to be ready for September 2015. I’m pushing to finish this project by the end of the year but delays may push it into Q1 of 2016.