This post is to run through the current development status of the upcoming Alpha build. Many features are in progress at the moment but also I am encountering what I can only
describe as blocker issues. (problems that stall progress)

Tab label change

After saving a file we need to change the label to the filename. I didn’t think this would be too difficult but with Gtkmm I don’t seem to have a grip on doing this. Currently the
filename will be applied to the tab but in the process the close tab button will disappear.


Brush options

While the brush options are in place I have been struggling to get them working with the painting code. Reason being is that I need to pass refbuilder to the canvas. Even after many
attempts this still remains an issue.


Colour options

I wanted to provide dual colours for the paintBrush(left and right click) and single click colour buttons. However, Glade seems to mess up the entire toolpalette when I add the buttons.
Im not sure of the solution until maybe I talk to a more experienced Glade user. Currently just the single colour selector remains until I figure this out.


Lastly in this post I would like to thank Colin Mills who kindly donated to the project. Remember donating keeps me motivated to work on the project and also ensures the
website/project will stay online. The project could use some help on these “blocker” issues. If you think you could help out please get in touch via my e-mail address on the contact