Alpha plans

Feedback has been mostly good for the release but there has been frequent requests of certain features. I will take these into account and work on them, please don’t e-mail me
about any feature already planned for the next release.

Planned features:

  • Image scale/resize tool.
  • Options for the paintBrush.
  • Dual colours available for painting.
  • One-click colour selection.
  • More preferences/options.
  • More common image editing features like flip/rotate/mirror.

I am extra busy with a new job at the moment and programming full time is tough. I can’t seem to get time to be back with the project at the moment but hopefully soon I will make a start on
things properly.

Planned bug fixes:

  • Recent files not showing correct files when item clicked.
  • Difficult to see where the canvas is because of the grey GTK background.

This is the current plan for the next release at the moment. Although more items may be added to the list soon depending on further feedback.