I am busy with both college and a new part-time job as an Android developer, so it is hard to find
time for the project currently. However, Since the arrival of our new part-time developer
Alexandre Kharlamov progress has come in leaps and bounds.
Most feature targets for the next release have already been hit.

Planned features:

  • Create a new file with the newfile dialog. – Complete
  • Open files. – Complete
  • Save files. – Complete
  • Saving/Loading of preferences. – Not complete
  • A working implementation of a paintBrush tool. – Complete

Here are the features currently complete:

Create new files:


Open files:


Paint on the canvas:


Save files:


Improvements remaining:

  • Finish preferences loading/saving.
  • Zoom out if canvas or opened file is too large.
  • Paint on canvas only if the paintBrush tool is selected.
  • Show a save dialog if the image has not yet been saved.
  • Add .jpeg support for open and save.

That is all the news for now! I hope people are happy with the improvements. PhotoFiltre LX now has a nice set of
basic functionality for people to play with. In future releases I will concentrate on expanding the features
available so people can become more involved in testing them.