Finally has been released into the wild!

It took much longer than expected because I was working a full time job for my work placement. So quite a bit
has made it into this release. More than I expected! Vast improvements have been made since the last release!


  • Replaced Blur + Arrow toolpalette icon.
  • Rewrote GUI code to use one .glade file at startup to avoid constant xml parsing for dialogs.
  • Fixed preferences dialog not appearing.
  • Added functionality for buttons, comboboxes and spinbuttons in newDialog.
  • Changed toolpalette from code to being built into the .glade file.
  • Added app icon for the Unity sidebar.
  • Updated newfile dialog (pixels/cm conversion).
  • Added full tab support to contain user images/graphics.
  • Added full cursor support.
  • Added new better looking Blur cursor.
  • Minor additions to preferences dialog.
  • Fixed critical bug, source not compiling with GNU autotools.

Visual Tour

More toolpalette improvements, new Blur icon and new Arrow icon!


This toolpalette is now built into the Glade file which means it is not buggy like the last one and it has
native Gnome tooltips!

PhotoFiltre LX now has full tab support! Instead of individual child windows like the original PhotoFiltre,
which I felt was not the right approach for an image editor.


Thanks to Michael Sheppard for his involvement with this!

Another major task done is full cursor support! Click on toolpalette items to check them out.


Here are the cursors currently available. (not including stock Gnome ones)

Thanks again to Michael Sheppard for his involvement with this feature!

The glade files for dialogs have been merged into one main glade file that can be used for everything!


This will be more efficient as we can just load this once instead of parsing small glade files for every dialog.

The preferences dialog has some minor additions. PhotoFiltre LX will be able to maximize on startup for those
(like myself) who like working with fullscreen applications.


The Cancel and Ok buttons now work too!

New app icon for the Unity sidebar!


Thanks goes out to Tatice for designing this icon! –

Lastly a bug was fixed where the GNU
autotools was still failing to compile the code. Thanks to Mehdi Fattahi for reporting this!

Thats about it for this release, I hope development will proceed at a higher pace for the next release! This
is a fantastic base to make great progress for the next Alpha release. I won’t set a deadline but I will make
a release when I feel its ready.