Well as promised here is the new development release for the Alpha series. The focus was to try and completely finish
the mainwindow GUI so I can move onto more important things.

Here is the ChangeLog:

  • Gave toolpalette proper tooltips instead of using icon filenames
  • Set size of toolpalette to hold two columns of icons
  • Added second toolbar and toolbar items
  • Fixed Autotools in order to build using Gtkmm 3.0
  • Updated new file dialog for better appearance
  • Made width,height spin buttons tickable in new file dialog
  • Added colour selection button and dialog
  • Improved appearance of colour selection button

Visual Tour

New toolpalette improvements, better width and proper tooltips:


The new toolpalette looks much more appealing and similar to the one found in PhotoFiltre. Also the old tooltips were
just plain silly, I couldn’t leave it that way!

Much improved new file dialog, better appearance and the spin buttons now work:


The old dialog somehow got very messed up and looked fairly ugly, I must say im impressed at how I got it to turn out.
Much time was spent on just adjusting padding settings/spacing… well worth it in the end!

Second toolbar finished:


All the icons I designed myself in the awesome Inkscape! Some took inspiration from the original icons provided with

Colour selection button and dialog:


I want to give a shoutout to Michael Sheppard for helping me out on the colour selection button/dialog. The
problems I was having could have held me back from releasing this today!

This release turned out much bigger and better than expected and im very happy with how it turned out. Thats all the
news for now, with your backing I will continue the march to victory! 🙂